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  • [Eng-Subtitle] Coporal Punishment in South Korea

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    The ‘whip of love’ has been used for ‘educational’ purposes in South Korea for hundreds of years – until footage of a primary school teacher assaulting a pupil was released on the internet.

    Kim Yeoung-Hwa, an educational writer and former teacher believes stringently in corporal punishment “to say that you can teach a student without it is wrong”, she claims. After a recent incident where a teacher used a powerful blow often seen in martial arts movies, officials have been forced to ban the practice. However, many teachers and parents are fighting back – arguing that without corporal punishment, there will be chaos. Others say that South Korean society is changing and that education must change with it: “giving orders and beatings are no longer appropriate”, says Principal Lee Breom-Hee, an advocate of the ban. His students seem to agree with him – “being hit, being forced to do things…I don’t want that”, one student concludes.

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