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  • End of the Line Trailer [SFM]

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    I’m pleased to finally announce my new source filmmaker project. End of the Line. This has been in production since January. With a planned release around the end of the year. The full film is around 8 minutes long and I’ve saved the best for the film itself. Some of the shots have been altered for this trailer to take out jokes so they won’t be spoiled. Special thanks to all those involved in the production who helped get this done.

    The core team:

    My steam group for updates:

    I will be doing some Q&A in the chat for my group for a limited time today. So come join.

    You’re entering this to the saxxys right? If its done in time sure. But i’m not going to rush it to get there.

    As so many of you asked, here is the singled out song made for the trailer.

    Special guest voice actor for the medic in this trailer is Markiplier

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