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  • Elvis Presley Gladiators Project 1974

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    In July 1974, Elvis founded the Tennessee Karate Institute (TKI). It was run by Red West and Bill Wallace.

    In September 1974, Elvis was planning to finance, and be involved with a documentary movie on the martial arts. This footage was shot with the intention of it being a part of that project. By the end of the year Elvis had had a change of heart about the project and it was never taken any further.

    This footage was shot at the TKI and at Kang Rhee’s school. There is conjecture about whether it was all shot on the same day or over two days a week apart. Jerry Schilling says it was all from 16th September 1974.

    The narration is by Wayne Carman. He is the author of “Elvis’s Karate Legacy” 1998.

    Elvis’ TCB Oath
    More self-respect, more respect for fellow man, respect for fellow students and instructors, respect for all styles and techniques. Body conditioning, mental conditioning, meditation for calming and stilling of the body. Sharpen your skills, increase mental awareness for all those who might choose a new outlook and personal philosophy, and freedom from competition.

    This footage comes from the Madacy Entertainment DVD called Elvis Presley Gladiators, which was released in 2009 and was only available for a short time.

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