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  • El Perro Del Mar “Change Of Heart” – official video

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    From the album “Love Is Not Pop” (The Control Group)
    Director / Idea: Filip Nilsson
    Production Company: Folke Film, Stockholm
    Producer: Kalle Wettre
    Animation: No-domain
    VFX Supervisor: Erik Holmedal
    Post production: Swiss International Stockholm

    The idea of this video came into my head when I was visiting Lido in Paris which I do 3-4 times every year. This particular time there was one act that really hit me. Sandor Vlah and Gyula Takaes a k a The Golden Power. They are from Budapest, Hungary. Two men, probably the strongest men I have ever seen. Balancing on each other in such a incredible way that I thought that the gravity had stopped working. Was it fake? How can they move in slow motion? Many questions, no answers.

    When listening to the El Perro del Mar track (Change of heart) a few weeks later for the first time it hit me even harder. Such a brilliant track needed a certain visual treatment.

    Just one big, very big task to solve. Where are Sandor and Gyula? We tried to get hold of them via Lido in Paris. But no one did know where they where. We searched for them for 4 months, finally through some local contacts in Budapest we got hold of them. Sandor (the big one) liked the idea.

    When we finally could see the amazing footage together with the music it felt like we got struck by the lightning of love.

    / Filip Nilsson (director)

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