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    Commentary & Analysis
    L. A. Marzulli

    We interviewed a woman who had an encounter with a Black Eyed Kid on Sunday, for Watchers 5. This ties in with the interview that I will conduct with author David Weatherly about his cutting edge book on the Black Eyed kids. Out of all the interviews that I have conducted this one blew me away and here’s why. First the back story.

    The woman I interviewed, Leah, was out jogging. She had never heard of the Black Eyed Kids, and was unaware of this ongoing phenomena. She was running in a place where she had never seen a child before, in fact, she rarely saw any people at all in this location. She saw the child standing next to the curb and his face was away from her. She thought it odd that he was there and she noticed that his cloths didn’t look right. The were to big for t he boy. As she approached the boy, she planned to give him a smile and nod hello. She was about two feet away when the boy suddenly picked up his head and she saw his eyes. They were black with no whites in them and in Leah’s word, they were like looking down a long dark shaft where at the bottom was a pool of evil. Leah was shocked and terrified. She bolted as fast as she could from the scene and didn’t look back. She was unnerved and it took her hours to settle down. When I showed her a copy of David Weatherly’s book, The Black Eyed kids, and asked if this is what she saw, Leah recoiled from the picture and asked me to take it away.

    Now here’s what’s interesting. When I interviewed David Weatherly on Acceleration Radio, I asked him what he thought these kids were. David replied that he thought they were hybrids of sorts. I asked the same question to Leah, who replied, without any prompting on my part, it was the spawn of Satan. For the record, Leah had never read any of my books and has no idea of the so-called Alien abduction phenomena as defined by Dr. David Jacobs and others, or the Nephilim. Official web / Sitio oficial : (Misterios, Enigmas, Secretos) Dentro de la tematica de los Videos de LA RUTA VERDE analizamos en cada video Noticas (News), Temáticas, Ciencia, Ovnis (Ufos), Angels, Sirenas (Mermaids), Fantasmas (Ghost) y Videos de Misterio (Scary Videos)
    Algunos de los medios que nos inspiran, pero manteniendo una libertad editorial total son: BBC, RT NEWS, DISCOVERY, LA JORNADA. Realizamos y estamos abiertos a realizar colaboraciones con canales de Youtube. Para mas información contactamos via google Plus

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