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  • Drivers Knock down cyclist in Greenford West London

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    Incident on 23 August 2011 – Ruislip Road East j/w Costons Lane, Greenford.
    Driving without due care and attention.
    Driver one Defendant: Chris Bassett, Court: Richmond Magistrates, Date: 28/02/2012, Offence: Driving without due care and attention, Result: PLEADED GUILTY RECEIVED SIX POINT AND A £230 FINE.
    Drive two, Defendant: TREPAK Susan (Ms). Court: Richmond Magistrate, Date 10/09/2012, Offence: Driving without due care and attention, Result Peaded NOT GUILITY. Found Guilty – Fine £130. Court Cost £130. £15 victim surcharge 3 penalty points.

    All information provide in this coment is in the public domain due the defendants being found guilty of a road traffic offence.
    My comments on Drive 2 court hearing to come!

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