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  • DragonBall AF – Episode 6 Ultimate Show Down

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    DragonBall AF – Episode 6 Ultimate Show Down DON’T MISS THE EPICNESS
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    We are back with these two powerful saiyan continues for the fight of there life using all of there powers ut this battle will not be easy for the both of these guys they are fusion super saiyans this will possible be the hardest match for them both but they cannot give up because the out turn will be horrible for the winner! while one was doing a epic turn of event his powers has drained out and the fusion of two power super saiyans have stopped and now he has grow weak (trunks and gohan) but crazy enough that wasn’t enough to stop the battle! while trunks was on the grow weak and couldn’t fight anymore there was a very powerful saiyan that came to his rescue! ( find out who )
    the amazing very powerful android#17 fighting gohan super saiyan 4 was blow away! but! gohan has reached a level of mytic gohan level 2! which is very very powerful! as these two battle it out andriod 17 was attacked by an xiocor im guessing xicor came and wanted to kill gohan himself so as xicor and gohan are doing the epic battle gohan noticed he needs more power so gohan powers up and reaches super saiyan 4 ! But it seems that even gohan reaching such a level is still not powerful enough to defeat xicor. Vegeta Reaches Super saiyan 5 powers a power unseen by many! ENJOY THE REST OF DRAGONBALL AF EPISODE 6 Another outstanding DBAF Video From Winglessangeful – Don’t forget to support the original video too click here! –
    FlashFinalVegeta YouTube Channel Where you can have DragonBall Z Entertainment
    And Creativity Put Together On One YouTube Channel
    DragonBall AF Episode 6 Is a 15:01 Min Video HD Quality 720HD

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