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    Great thanks to K8KProductions and ArtisanFilms for their wonderful work, Akira Toriyama for being the best creator of mangas. Thanks to Shueisha, Bird Studio and Namco Bandai Games.

    The original Dragon Ball Z : Saiyan Saga By K8KProductions reproduced with original japanese voices and original score from the animated serie.

    Thanks to Treevax and Sams94 who helped me finding scores from the anime.
    Thanks to DB-Z.COM wich is a best website about sharing our passion.
    DragonBall Evolution 2 Saiyan Saga is a non-profit trailer being made for private use, and is not intended for sales of any sort. No money is being made from this film. It is in no way affiliated with, or sponsored or approved, by Akira Toriyama, Toei, Shueisha, FUNimation,20th Century Fox, K8KProductions, NAMCO BANDAI GAMES or any of their respective affiliates or licensees.

    I just wanted to show to the people how a movie with japanese voices can be so good.

    Thank you very mutch for acting our heroes :
    Peter Peralta – Goku
    Aaron Ly – Vegeta
    Ryan Oliva – Nappa
    Michael Amariah – Piccolo
    David Cheung – Tien
    Isky Fay – Yamcha
    Lee Edaward Jones – Krillin
    Brandon Ly – Gohan
    Zack Nizato – Raditz
    Oliver Faber – Chiaotzu
    News Reporter – Elise Bowd
    Original video is just here :

    Project directed by Idir Alexandre Ould Braham (only sounds and voices) –

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