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  • Double PIP Implant Rupture – Removed and Replaced through the Areola

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    This is a surgical video of an implant removal and replacement procedure, removing the infamous PIP implants, which upon removal were discovered to both be ruptured.

    Adrian Richards, the surgical director of Aurora Clinics introduces the video and discusses the previous operation our patient had. She had her implants inserted through a half circle shaped incision around the border of the areola, and has requested the same scar to be used during this procedure.

    The first implant is removed and a small rupture is discovered in the back of the implant. It was a suspected rupture prior to removal as the customary PIP rupture fluid was within the breast and it had to be sucked out before the implant was removed. An inflatable sizer is inserted and inflated to 365cc which is the size of implant Mr Richards decided would be best for the patient. He then sews and glued the incision to complete the procedure on the right side.

    On the left it is much of the same. The implant is surrounded by creamy fluid, which had to be sucked out and then the PIP implant was removed. This was a more advanced rupture with a lot more free standing silicone and a bigger split around the baseplate. It was a much darker colour too, closer to a shade of yellow rather than the translucent appearance usually expected with a non ruptured implant.

    Mr Richards compares the removed PIP implants at the end of the video, stating his opinions on the ruptures and shows the ruptures to the camera. Yet another video of a patient with ruptured PIPs. We urge anyone with PIP implants to at the very least get a scan, but we would advise having them removed even if they are still in tact, as with our experience, time is not kind to PIP implants.

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