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  • Donna locked in a chastity belt for 30 days – day 6

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    In addition to following Donna around with a camera for 30 days, we decided to place 2 static cameras in the apartment. We hoped this would make Donna feel more comfortable. And it worked! Donna was happy to get rid of the ‘annoying camera people’ from time to time, and even though the static cameras were there 24/7, she did already forget about them after a few days.

    Of course, not much is happening in these videos, but we will publish some of them to show you a few interesting developments. Maybe we can release a summary dvd some day…

    In this video, you can see Donna is already very used to her belt. She is just minding her own business, doing all kinds of uninteresting stuff. If you study the footage closely, you will see Donna subconsciously notices the belt whenever she is sitting down. Because her belt is rigid, sitting down on the crotch piece pushes the waist belt up into her ribs. Every time she is sitting down her hands go to her waist belt.

    See the complete 30 days of the Italian student Donna locked in a chastity belt in Amsterdam at


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