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  • Domino Rally 17

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    After a long wait, Domino Rally 17, my best video yet, is finally uploaded!
    This time there are only big projects! No breaks in the entire video either :)
    A lot of these clips were made a few months ago. I’m working on Domino Rally 18 right now too. Anyways, enjoy! And if you want to see more, subscribe so you don’t miss my new videos.

    Music: “Dream of Eternity” by Rainwave9
    “Euphoric Paradise” by Dj Nate.

    Yeah, I know. I put the wrong “Last Video.” Should have been the interactive game.
    Special thanks to TheSprice17 for the idea of a field within a field at 2:39
    PS. I made the trailer because I wanted to try editing something like that and I wouldn’t have time to make another video in 2 weeks.

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