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  • “Do You Wanna Get a Beer, Man?” (Parody of “Do You Want to Build a Snowman” from Disney’s Frozen)

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    Oh man. Here’s a parody or something.

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    Do you wanna get a beer man?
    Or play some video games?
    We never hang out anymore
    You’re on the phone
    With God knows who all day
    We used to be best buddies
    But now you’ve got
    That girl you met at the mall.
    Do you wanna get a beer man?
    Or we could go some place and chill man.
    (Not tonight bro.)
    Okay, bye.

    Do you wanna get a beer man?
    Or maybe play some basketball?
    I’m running out of things to do
    I’ve now resorted to
    Spending my time with Craig
    (Shut up Craig)
    I think I’m going crazy
    Just sitting here
    And listening to Craig drone on

    Dude, I know you’re still there…
    You post on Facebook all the time
    Nobody’s seen you since you got yourself
    In a relationship, you’re MIA
    I’m actually regretting
    Being your wingman
    Why are you such a douche?
    Do you wanna get a beer man?

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