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  • Disney’s Secret Sex Conspiracy – Conspiracy Cinema

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    Disney Movie Subliminal Messages Revealed on Conspiracy Cinema!
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    Is Disney using SEXUAL subliminal messages in their advertising and movies? John Doe blows the lid off one of the biggest CONSPIRACIES of the year, as his inside sources at the Disney Castle come clean and expose the biggest story of the year.

    Is Hollywood giving away invasion secrets to alien civilizations? Watch last week’s episode:

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    Join Will McFadden, er– “John Doe” each week as he investigates conspiracy theories surrounding the secret world of Hollywood.

    Written & Directed by a shadowy figure known only as “The Kernel” (rumored to be CIA/CAA), “Conspiracy Cinema” uncovers the hidden messages, secret agendas and cover-ups that every cinephile needs to know about.

    Next week: Corruption in the Shao Lin Temples of China? John Doe enlightens us on the scandal that’s rocking China to its foundation. Sex, money and kung fu punches to the face, John Doe takes one on the chin to expose this amazing real-life conspiracy!

    Do YOU have a conspiracy you would like Mr. Doe to investigate? Record your comment below… in code. Or just write it in plain English and maybe we’ll do a future episode based on your idea (we’ll mention you if we do!).

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