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  • Disney Magic Storm – Cruise Ship Force 10? Storm

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    We were told this was a Force 10 Storm in the mediterranean (between france and spain). Video starts on deck 10 (turned over chair), then deck 9 (loud wind), then forward on deck 9 from the gym. Big wave at 1:45. Then back to deck 4. Taken over a few hours, so sometimes the storm’s worse than other times. We were told waves of 20 feet or so, however several of “us” felt they were higher. 60 mph winds or so.

    Note that during the wave part, the camera was sitting at an angle on a windowsill, so the leaning of the ship is exaggerated a bit. (The ship was heeling because of the wind).

    The Google Maps applet here seems to be broken, not recording the location very well. It was in the Med about 1/2 way between Villafranche (near Nice), France, and Barcelona, Spain. The Captain turned to shore so we’d have smoother conditions. (Storm’s wind over distance makes waves, that’s called “fetch”, the longer the fetch, the bigger the waves, so moving closer to land can reduce the size of the waves, if the land’s upwind of you).

    I thought I should point out that lots of this was taken on deck 9. Deck 10 at the beginning. That’s pretty far above the water. I’ve taken bad storms before and you could never make out the waves on video. The fact that we’re like 80 feet above the water should be a clue :)

    Also watch the top of the pole on the bow bounce up & down with the waves. It was kind of like riding a really fast elevator when I was taking this (wondering how wise it is to be sitting in a gym on a treadmill when it’s bouncing all over the place.

    Taken by me (Shawn).

    Also see this in ship panama canal lock time lapse.

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