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  • Dis Raps For Hire – Episode 2

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    I’ve been getting a ton of responses from the first DRFH. Seems like there is some major beef out there. Got this message from klojuey671 and felt like she was a bit out numbered. klo, I got your back.

    “Fear EpicLloyd I go to South High School and our school’s greatest enemy is Southwest High School. Majority of that school are snobby, rich, art white kids that claim they have more diversity then us. At our Soccer saturdays they threw water bottles at me and my friends (all of us girls)– WITH water in them, then their cheer was “South is Filth” as the Southwest athletics director told us to leave when we talked to some friends at SOUTH’S soccer game.
    let them know which school is better.”
    - klojuey671

    Thanks to the following people for kicking ass on this video:

    Bob the dog.

    Beat Produced by: Allrounda Productions
    Check out/buy more instrumentals Allrounda here:

    Shot & Edited by Marc Chester
    Hallway stunts provided by Dan David and Russo
    Girl voices provided by Russo & Nikki Fancy…thanks ladies

    Produced by for Maker Studios Los Angeles, CA

    Overall help and good advice given by Nice Peter, Mary Gutfleisch & Dante Cimadamore. Check those peeps out here:


    p.s. – Yo! I read hundreds of your comments and requests every week and in doing so, I’ve noticed that some of you are talking about some real issues that require more action than an angry rap song from me. SO, if you or someone you know HONESTLY is in need of help of a more elevated nature please contact the below agencies.

    Stomp Out Bullying! – 1-877-602-N0-BULLY (1-877-602-8559)

    ChildHelp — 1-800-4-A-CHILD (1-800-422-4453) (24/7)
    National Domestic Violence Hotline – 1-800-799-7233 (24/7)

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