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  • Direct mail targets your kitty

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    Most direct mail never gets looked at. To increase the odds for a kitty litter retailer, we did something that would get cats’ attention first. Cats went nutso for it… and so did their owners!

    Advertised brand: Bulk Cat Litter Warehouse
    Advert title: Bulk Cat Litter Warehouse DM

    Advertising Agency: Rethink Canada, Vancouver, Canada
    Agency website:
    Creative Director: Ian Grais, Chris Staples
    Art Director: Leia Rogers
    Copywriter: Bob Simpson
    Designer: Lisa Nakamura
    Account Manager: Marie Lunny
    Print Producer: Cary Emley / Sue Wilkinson
    Printer: Metropolitan Fine Printers
    Editor: Chris Nielsen
    Cats: Mona, Bella, Ommie, Jojo, Paul, Linus, Malo, Taika,
    Riley, Gracie, Prince Ruv, Bagheera, and Pebble.
    Published: February, 2014

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