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  • DIAMANT Fliesenfräser für Stichsägen – Diamond Tile Saw Blade For Jigsaws

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    Der DIAMANT Fliesenfräser für Stichsägen schneidet kinderleicht jede x-beliebige Form in Fliesen. Er ist die ideale Lösung für Sanitär – u. Elektroinstallationen. Ausgezeichnet mit dem Testurteil sehr gut vom Fachmagazin Selbst ist der Mann. Überzeugen Sie sich selbst!!!
    DIAMOND Tile Saw for jigsaws
    Problem solver — easily cuts any shape into ceramic tiles

    The DIAMOND Tile Saw for jigsaws has been especially developed to easily cut any shape into ceramic tiles.
    1. All you need is a customary jigsaw.
    2. Simply install the DIAMOND Tile Saw into your jigsaw and you’re ready to start!
    3. Easily cuts perfect, accurate and tidy cut-outs and in any shape you want!
    4. The cutting method of the DIAMOND Tile Saw is ideal for fitting switches and sockets
    gap-free and for making cut-outs for plumbing or for any other purpose!

    The DIAMOND Tile Saw is ideally suited for both experts and amateur home improvers.
    No matter what shape you need – round, rectangular, oval or individual shapes — the DIAMOND Tile Saw is your specialist when it comes to cutting ceramic tiles! Tiles no longer have to be destroyed and put back together in single elements, as the tile remains complete. Sockets, switches or piping — install whatever you like — gap-free, easy to use and with perfect results. Any frustrating or difficult handling with tile nipper, rail tile cutter and tile miller is no longer necessary!
    The DIAMOND Tile Saw is a professional solution at good value for money when it comes to cutting tiles, giving you accurate and tidy cutting results! No expensive special tools required!
    The DIAMOND Tile Saw is not suitable for working material, which does not absorb water for cooling, such as concrete blocks, stoneware, marble etc.

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