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  • Desert of the Skeletons (part 3)

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    Huge deserted beaches surrounded by dunes, where boats masks have forgotten the company only the remains of unfortunate creatures are called skeletons Coast. This side of the Atlantic, east of Namibia, is the gateway to the Namib Desert, which follows the Kalahari. There we find groups Bushmen and Himba, atavistic residents of these arid regions.

    The Bushmen demonstrate their integration in the most hostile of friendly means by hunting and gathering techniques. Joining them pursue their prey poisoned arrows wounds on an expedition lasting several days and observe the survival of an entire clan in the harsh dry season.

    The Himba us their nomadic life, in which everything revolves around the goats and cows grazing. Among its strongest features see the symbolism of their hair and body ornaments, his main artistic expression, know the rules that govern the formation of polygamous marriages, and will attend the rituals “esuko” where women gain maturity within the tribe .

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