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  • Deflin Duero Dropping and Wire Cut Depositor for medium to semi industrial volumes

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    Delfin Duero dropping depositor depositing accurately and consistently automatically at high speed. A great labour saving device for bakeries and patisseries and pastry chefs. The Duero is Delfin’s model for high volumes for medium sized to semi industrial bakeries. Delfin depositors are designed and manufactured in Italy to the highest quality standards. Delfin depositors are capable of 1,000′s of different products including: Macarons, biscuits, cookies, muffins, sheet sponge, friends, choux pastry, slabs and much more. The ability to create your own programs enables the innovative pastry chef to design unique new products as if piped by hand.
    Delfin has a machine to suit all production scenarios from small to semi industrial and to all common tray sizes.
    • Depositing & wire cutting capabilities.
    • Standard rollers & pump head.
    • Soft dough, hard dough and semi-liquid doughs/batters all possible.
    • Options to suit all standard tray sizes and moulds.
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