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  • Death Row Dog REALLY Wants a Family – CUTE

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    Umm, I was there looking for a stray that went missing in my area to SAVE IT. I’ve saved multiple dogs from that pound. At the time of this video I had 3 stray dogs that I was caring for by myself. And since this video I’ve rehomed and saved other strays.

    The reason I sound “happy” is because I’m using a voice that’s pleasing to the dogs. And as you can see in the video I’m giving them LOVE. Check my other videos….I’m a KNOWN DOG LOVER.

    Remember if you BUY a dog….you support the killing of dogs. And if you allow your dog to breed or don’t neuter your dog…well….then you’re woefully ignorant to the plight of dogs in pounds (that’s the nice way of saying it).

    Always adopt, never buy…..and always neuter your dogs/cats.

    If you want one of these dogs (get the white one) the shelter is in Taoyuan Taiwan:

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