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  • Dallas Schoo soundchecks The Edge’s guitar rig before U2 360° show @Millennium Stadium, Cardiff

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    ***Let me clarify… I am in the Inner Circle and the sound is coming from the On Stage monitors only so we can hear it but we are 6-6 feet from the stage… the rest of the stadium cannot hear a thing… Alo, Dallas has to play the riffsduring the soundcheck as it is likely The Edge insists on it to make sure all the preset delays and effects are perfect… Dallas does a great job, which is evident in the number of hits this video gets and the amount of positivity in the comments… Thank you for listening to my rant, lol :)****

    Dallas Schoo sound checks The Edge’s guitars & rig before U2′s 360° show @Millennium Stadium, Cardiff on Saturday, 22nd August 2009. How many riffs can you recognise :)

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