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  • ~~Daisy Courage Goes to Heaven~~ Please read description

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    Update: November, 19th, 2013~
    I have decided to disable the comments on this video. Although the majority of the comments were supportive and kind, there were hundreds of comments that were very hurtful and mean. Everything from “Daisy deserved to die”, how I am a “terrible person for putting her down” to sexual insults and a lot of people thinking that I purposely filmed this and uploaded it for attention. Again, I will ask you to read the full description for the story behind this video which should answer any questions you might have.

    If you still want to contact me you can find me on twitter at

    I NEVER watch this video, I rarely come to this page, however majority of comments get sent to my email. I am sorry for all the people who kindly commented but I hope you can all understand my reasoning.

    If you want to view the memorial slideshow I made for her it is actually a great, uplifting tribute to the amazing best friend she was.

    Thanks–Laura Marie

    —Updated: 6-24-13—
    I am sorry it has taken me so long to answer your questions…I do not go to this page (I still haven’t watched the whole thing yet) and have really slacked on getting back to you all. Here are the answers to a lot of your questions/comments.

    -Daisy died of bone cancer in both bag legs. She had stopped eating and was having seizures. Before this video she was given a shot to help calm her down and something for pain which is why she looks OK in this. However, at home, if she wasn’t throwing up,she was having horrible seizures. And in between both of those, she was CONSTANTLY crying in pure agony. Literally all day and night. I know she looked OK before she died but that was only because of the shots.

    - When I asked the tech to take one last picture of me and her together while she was alive ( I didn’t want pictures of her dying or dead) he did so and then set the camera down and stepped out. After it all happened and I walked out to my car I quickly grabbed the camera to see the last photo of us together. However, what I quickly noticed was the tech pushed the record button instead on the trigger button. I knew right away that the video probably captured everything and couldn’t bare to watch it as I had just lived it. I immediately thought of deleting it but when I got home and started looking at youtube videos and forums, I realized there was a great inquisition from people wanting to know what it was like the be in the room while your pet was put to sleep. People wanted to know if they could or should do it, what it was like and help make the decision to be in there or not. If anything, I’ve always been the person to try and use my hurt and pain to help others and I know Daisy would have wanted to help others just as much as I do even in her final moments.

    - I have just recently adopted a new dog. She is very sweet and her middle name is Daisy.

    Thanks for all the kind comments and thoughts and I really hope that this video helps someone out there. Personally, I can not watch this video therefore if you wish to contact me my twitter account is @tweetsfromlml. I am not too sure why there are such horrible comments..I was really just trying to help people who were wondering what it would be like to be there when your animal gets put down. I didn’t even realize this video was being taken until after it was all said and done. But if you don’t have something nice to say, please don’t. I don’t want to disable the comments but I will in order to avoid the negativity.

    Thanks Everyone and I really hope this helps anyone who is in question about what it is like to be in the room.

    Daisy was my world. She brought me so much joy and I miss her with EVERY breath.

    Rest in Peace baby girl…see you in heaven.

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