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Daenerys&Drogo | Losing your memory
---THE FIRST SONG SHOULD BE SKINNY LOVE BY BIRDY--- So I didn't make videos since last year xD but I started watching Game of Thrones because of my best friend and I totally fell in love with these two..they were the best couple in first season..they had everything, passion, cuteness, they were sexy and the best is that was true love..I really want Khal Drogo back, I love him, he is the best men character in this show..but.. It's really bad that I cannot use Skinny Love by Birdy because I did this video on that song x( Couple: Daenerys Targaryen & Khal Drogo Stars: Emilia Clarke & Jason Momoa Song: Losing your memory by Ryan Star TV Show: Game of Thrones by HBO and George R.R. Martin's serie
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