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  • Daenerys + Drogo ► There shouldn’t be a good in goodbye

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    “this is the bad before the worse; this is the storm before the storm”

    REQUEST #3;
    requested by beretta1342000

    I totally love this idea, thank you Stacey for suggesting this!
    I miss my Khal Drogo but i was really happy that they included one scene with him in season 2, i hope they could do the same in season 3!!

    I have still two request vids to do but i’ll have to do them later because i’m not at home and i don’t have all my fandoms with me ;)


    show: game of thrones
    pairing: daenerys targaryen + khal drogo
    coloring: GoldenxSkies
    song: at the end of the vid so don’t ask


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