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  • Dad Life (Father’s Day Opening 2010)

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    Producer – Whitney George, Angie Woods
    Director – Gary Hornstien, Chris Munch
    Director of Photography – Corey Lack

    Written by – Chris Munch, Whitney George
    Joshua Andersen
    Andrew Dale
    Roman Johnson
    Adam Bush

    Track recorded at –
    Track produced by – Andrew Dale, John Mitchell


    Ha ha
    This is dad life
    It’s how we live
    24/7, 365
    Check me

    Gas station glasses
    Don’t care what the masses
    Think about me wit my sweet goatee
    I’m rockin’ my Dockers
    With a cuff and a crease
    I got that St. John’s Bay
    And a clip for my piece

    I look nice
    I got dozens of dollars
    And that’s right
    It goes straight to my daughters and my wife
    I’m a miracle dad
    Makin’ magic with the checkbook is a talent I have

    I roll hard in the yard
    With a 60-inch cut
    Zero turn radius
    My neighbors say what?
    They be drivin’ by
    Peepin’ my landscape
    Yo, these greens got nothin’ on my manscape

    Hydrangeas (what), Begonias (naw)
    Crape Myrtle (tight), ornamental turtle!
    Hold up
    Is that a weed in my fescue?
    Aw naw, Round Up to the rescue

    It’s the dad life, it’s the dad life
    Take my daughty to the potty, it’s the dad life
    (bringin’ home the bacon)
    It’s the dad life, it’s the dad life
    Shootin’ vids of the kids, it’s the dad life

    Roll up to the splash pad, 10 AM
    My whole entourage
    Hops out the minivan
    We splishy splashy for an hour or two
    Then it’s back to the house
    Preppin’ for the barbeque

    Brats, dogs, rack of ribs, whateva (tight)
    Get me on the Weber
    Man, nobody does it betta
    Call me lord of the grill
    I’m king of the coals
    Nana’s secret recipe, you know how I roll

    1080p, 16×9
    I’m rockin’ man cave status
    With a screen like mine
    Keep your peanut butter hands
    Off my 50-inch Vizio
    Pop up the corn, roll the Disney video

    { “A whole new world…” }

    We got Aladdin, Jasmine
    Abu, the genie (hey)
    With kids like mine, everybody wants to be me
    Sing a nigh-night song and then it’s off to bed
    This is the dad life, no more to be said

    It’s the dad life, it’s the dad life
    Hit the mall, coaching ball, it’s the dad life
    (bringin’ home the bacon)
    It’s the dad life, it’s the dad life
    Playing rough, fixing stuff, it’s the dad life
    (bringin’ home the bacon)
    It’s the dad life, it’s the dad life
    Yeah, you know how we do it
    It’s the dad life

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