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  • Cyriak | Heroes of Animation with Bing

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    Bing visits Cyriak to learn about to beachfronts, pickled animals and cutout animation.
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    New and exclusive to HuHa! – Heroes of Animation! Bing ( invites you behind the scenes of animation greats from Aardman to Edd’s World, Mr Weebl to the mighty Manga.

    This episode delves into Cyriak’s inspiration and history behind his hypnotising animations.


    About HuHa:
    HuHa is brightly-coloured animated flipflappery for adults. And by that we mean it’s home to the tastiest comedy toons on YouTube – featuring animal assassins, crime-fighting butchers, appalling advice and shocking greetings cards to send your frenemies.

    In the kitchen is Head chef Mr Weebl (the guy who brought you singing narwhals and that badger song. You know the one. It goes “”badgers, badgers, badgers, badgers”". It’s about badgers) and he’ll be serving up a technicolour soup of delicious adult animation for your delectation.

    Why not take a look around: or check out for some animation with its clothes off. Ahem. Sorry, we mean behind-the-scenes, how-tos and much, much more…”

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