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  • Crosswind Landings at Düsseldorf – Airbus A330, Airbus A319, Boeing 737-800, Embraer … (HD)

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    Once again I was able to film some crosswind landings at Düsseldorf. This video isn` t as good as my previous crosswind landing videos but I decided to show you these amazing piloting skills. There was no storm this time, it was “just” a windy day and as you can see these pilots had to fight with wind speeds up to 30 knots. Especially both A330s of Turkish Airlines and Air China left a mark on the runway which can be seen during the entire video. Three weeks later when I came back to this position to film a Boeing 747 it was very easy for me to identify the Air China and TK A330 marks on the runway. As usual I hope you like it and please don` t forget to rate.

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