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  • Crazy Guy Clinging To Railroad Tracks As A Train Passes Over Him

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    Caught on camera: Maniac films himself clinging to railway tracks as train runs over his body
    This is the moment a man miraculously escapes with his life after lying down on tracks and letting a train run over him.
    The incredible footage shows the unknown male lying lengthways between the tracks while an approaching train terrifyingly thunders over the top of him.
    He seems inches from death as he presses himself tightly to the floor while the train passes by.
    In the 56-second video, the man, who is wearing a hooded jacket, dark trousers and black shoes, is seen looking up nervously at the camera as what looks like a freight train can be heard approaching in the background.
    After it spends 20 seconds thundering past, mere inches from his head, the man casually checks himself for injuries, jumps up, collects his camera and runs off as the train screeches to a halt out of shot.
    It is unclear whether the video was shot in the UK but Network Rail have branded the stunt as ‘stupidity in the extreme.’
    A Network Rail spokesman said: ‘It doesn’t bear thinking about what would have happened if the turbulence created had swept the man’s coat up into the underside of the train.
    ‘Not only that but think about the effect on the train driver who believes he has just killed somebody.
    ‘Nobody who has any regard for their own safety or the feelings of others should attempt a stunt like this.

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