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  • Crazy drivers at europe

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    Truckdriver is a dangerous job. Many from us have a family and we all want to came back home. But if you see some drivers, I think they want to die! Oh, that is okay but make that at home and not on the streets!
    Respect the signs, respect the speedlimit! Use your brain if you drive with a car or a truck! Special with a truck, a truck is a weapon don´t forget this!
    Special “thanks” to the driver from this companys:
    Henke Lähden
    Van Heesfelde Mervielde
    Steinbrecher Brannenburg
    De Soete Wingene
    Cohnen Langenfeld
    Essers Genk
    Kralowetz Blindenmarkt
    and to this crazy women from Graz with your small car!
    I have enough from this war on the steets. Every company from this “heroes” became a mail with a link from this vid!

    Music from Wendlinka “Bionic Girl” and
    Chris de Burgh “When winter comes (road to freedom)”
    I´ve stopped the comments! A few people don´t unterstand what I´ll say with this vid and write many shit!

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