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  • CPS (Child Protective Services) interrogation and inquisition for normal parenting discretions.

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    In the middle of custody proceedings, CPS (Child Protective Services) upon an anonymous called-in complaint, swoops in and charges me with child neglect and inadequate guardianship.

    This video was taken during an hour long interrogation of me, microanalysing my every otherwise perfectly normal interactions with my daughter, and somehow trying to spin it to make it look evil and incompetent. These were not helpful suggestions or counseling, but edicts imposed upon threat of, and in fact the eventual, removal of my daughter from my life, which they did 5 days after this video was taken.

    Their charges consisted of my going to McDonalds with my daughter (5 times in three months), having chicken McNuggets, letting her have sugar-free soda and decaf coffee, weighing her on our bathroom scale, and responding to her alarming symptoms to an unknown medication by trying to look it up on the internet with her.

    For this, they filed a petition in Family Court and took her away from me, slapped a restraining order on me to stay away from her, and effectively gave her mother custody without a custody trial. It should be noted that none of the things they charged me with constitute neglect, and are in fact normal parenting discretions and care that millions of parents do with their kids every day.

    The fact that this specious court action against me was effected right in the middle of a custody dispute was no accident, and was timed to affirmatively interfere in that proceeding, so as to prejudice the proceedings against me, and give de facto custody to the mother.
    It might be noted that this particular charge was eventually overturned, dismissed and sealed on administrative appeal, but only after months of my child being taken away from me during which time I was viewed by all I knew as a suspected child abuser. It might also be noted that it was the second of three cases CPS has, so far, launched against me, all either dismissed or found in my favor.

    The gender discrimination was palpable in this CPS agency, who believed their goal was to ensure custody to mothers, and that men are incapable of taking care of their children.

    They accomplish this by misusing their public trust, abusing the powers of the state, and officially pillorying fathers via frivolous charges, but charges that would nonetheless each time result in a restraining order keeping me away from my child, and lasting for months or years while they accomplished their real agenda in assisting mothers to win custody.

    (It is evidenced even here, by their total dismissal and unconcern of several things the mother did, that easily raise to the level of neglect – abandoning our child and leaving her locked out of the apt., not informing me of serious psychiatric medications she is on while I had her on visits, and a month later again losing our kid in a department store. These were of no concern to CPS, but our McDonalds visits or soda drinking was. Their gender prejudice is so embedded, they don’t even see it.)

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