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  • COVER – TWO NAKED FRIENDS (english subtitles)

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    COVER BOY a film by CARMINE AMOROSO with LUCIANA LITTIZZETTO, LUCA LIONELLO, EDUARD GABIA – cinematographer PAOLO FERRARI, music MARCO FALAGIANI editing LUCA MANES – A moving portrait of a pair of characters left behind in the New Europe, Cover-Boy incisively critiques the culture of Neo-Liberalism. Injecting a dose of homo lust into the class-conscious tradition of Italian realist cinema, the film is both a poignant character study and a trenchant condemnation of the misplaced values of consumer culture. – COVER BOY represented Italy in 80 festivals worldwide, winning 34 awards including: Best Film at the Festival de Cinema Politic of Barcelona, Best Film at the Miami Film Festival and it was among the five movies chosen by the National Association of Cinematographic Industries to represent Italy in contention for Best Foreign Language Film at the 81st Academy Awards (Oscar 2009). – – – contact:

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