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  • CoTA SRF Race 1 85 cars!

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    Circuit of the Americas, Spec Racer Ford race from Saturday, March 9, 2013. 85 SRF’s took the green flag and almost all of them saw the checkered. This was the first ever SRF race on the track. The facility and the track itself are amazing. Instant classics and among the best in North America.
    This battle is between the top 4 cars, Stripling (camera), Verges (blue/white), Futrelle (blue/black), and Harris (red).
    This video shows all but one lap (Stripling leading, not much to see) including all of the passes and near-passes.
    Around 23:45 is where it all goes wrong for me. Radiator fluid on track, I lifted when the leader hit it which caused me to tank slap badly, putting me off the exit. That was compounded when my downshift to 3rd became a momentary upshift to 5th. Then I thought we could go 2-wide into T20 but that wasn’t to be, putting me off on the astroturf for braking, which is never optimal.
    From there I just had to put my head down and run the top 3 back down in two laps… you can see the results on the vid.
    Hopefully the thought bubbles aren’t too much.

    If you have any questions about SCCA or the SRF class, feel free to hit me up at


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