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  • Cluster of Daddy Longlegs (Harvestmen) – Ajijic, Mexico

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    Daddy Longlegs, also known as Harvestmen, are arachnids in the order Opiliones. While they are arachnids, they are not spiders. Unlike spiders, Daddy Longlegs do not have separate abdomens; and they only have two eyes, whereas spiders have three to four pairs. Contrary to some popular myths, Daddy Longlegs are not venomous. They can’t be, since they don’t have venom glands. They also have no silk glands, and so are unable to spin webs.

    This clustering behavior provides the Daddy Longlegs with warmth and protection from predators.

    Video from Ajijic, Mexico, near Lake Chapala.

    “Moonlight Hall” by Kevin MacLeod

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