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  • Club Penguin – Puffle hat hack

    Partilha no teu site ou blog:

    WPE PRO –
    Hats.spt –

    Process to target:
    Google Chrome: chrome.exe (the first one)
    Firefox: plugin-container.exe
    Opera: opera.exe (the last if there is more than 1)

    For more info visit:

    It doesn’t work with some browsers for different people. If it doesn’t log packets for your browser try with another one or disable Flash Player’s protected mode.

    WPE PRO is a packet sniffing software and it can be detected as a virus, however it’s safe to use.

    If the first link to WPE PRO doesn’t work, use this one:

    1.Franken Hat
    2.Pharaoh Hat
    3.Night Cap
    4.Snowflake Helmet
    5.Gold Viking Helmet
    6.Top Hat
    7.Heavy Metal Hair
    8.Jolly Roger Bandanna
    9.The Big Bang
    10.The Overgrown
    11.The Scene-Stealer
    12.The Rad Scientist
    13.Disco Dome
    14.Turquoise Toque
    15.Mini Polka Dot Puffle Hat
    16.Jingle Jangle Hat
    17.Knight Helmet
    18.Sherwood Hat
    19.Wizard hat
    20.Princess Braid
    21.Surf Swoop
    22.Sundae Swirl
    23.All-Star Curls
    24.Shock of Hair
    25.Chocolate Beret
    26.Touchdown Dome
    27.Rainbow Fro
    28.Green 180 Cap
    29.Blast Off Cap
    30.Swing Batta Batta Hat
    31.The High Flyer
    32.The Workout Curl
    33.Ninja Mask
    34.The Master Hat
    35.Polka Dot Pirate
    36.First Mate Bandana
    37.The Stone-Age Roller
    38.The Warrior
    39.Dig Helmet

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