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  • Classic Game Room – SPEED RACER Nintendo Wii review

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    Classic Game Room reviews SPEED RACER for Nintendo Wii, a futuristic racing combat game based on the 2008 Speed Racer live action movie based on the awesome 1960′s animated television show. Race as Speed Racer, Trixie, Racer X and more as you compete in series challenges that take place on colorful, fast-moving race tracks around the world. This driving game on Nintendo Wii is played using the Wiimote like a wheel (you can play with the Mario Kart Wii wheel) and has predictable controls when driving. Kar-Fu action slows down the driving and crashes an otherwise entertaining and playable game into the barrier of mediocrity. This CGR video review of Speed Racer The Videogame has gameplay from Speed Racer The Video Game on Nitnendo Wii showing game play in HD action from Speed Racer videogame.

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