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  • Chun-Li vs Tifa (Street Fighter 2 vs Final Fantasy VII) – Girl Fight! Ultimate Fan Fights Ep. 5

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    Street Fighter 2′s Chun-Li vs Final Fantasy VII’s Tifa in real life! It’s the ultimate duel between the sexiest ladies in video game history! Who will win? YOU DECIDE!

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    UFF is a web series created by:
    James Mark ( Team2X ) –
    Yung Lee ( GakAttack ) –


    Executive Producer Jonathan Ho
    Executive Producer Bernard Ho
    Producer James Mark
    Producer Avery Chan
    Associate Producer Mark Boucher

    Director Chris Mark
    Assistant Director Mark Boucher

    Director of Photography Justin Lovell
    Camera Op Michael Heathcote
    1st AC Jurek Osterfeld

    Gaffer Tony Smith
    Key Grip Ryan Hernandez
    Key Grip Cameron Smith
    Best Boy Bruce Harper

    Costume Designer Deanna Sciortino
    Make up Lisa Vella
    Hair Karly Madill

    Production Assistant Byron Chai
    Production Assistant Ellis Chen
    Production Assistant Anthony Varona

    Editor/BTS Maxwell Atwood
    VFX Mike Wu
    VFX Sumeet Vats
    Sound Design Daniel Pugsley
    Music Laine Butler

    Chun Li Samantha Jo
    Tifa Lockhart Irma Evangelista

    Special Thanks: Arthur Geringas
    XS Nightclub

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