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  • Christopher Hitchens vs Scott Ritter Debate 12/20/2006

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    Christopher Hitchens debates Scott Ritter in Tarrytown, NY December 20, 2005.

    World traveler, literary critic, feared iconoclast, and journalist extraordinaire Christopher Hitchens debates former US Marine Corps intelligence officer and UN Weapons inspector Scott Ritter.
    Moderated by Jay Diamond

    This is one of the more interesting of Hitchens’ debates in my opinion. Here his opponent, Scott Ritter, is certainly far more informed than previous opponents of Hitchens. And Ritter, unlike fools like George Galloway, doesn’t seem to have any secret sympathies for Saddam Hussein.

    This is just the audio, amateurishly set to vaguely relevant images by myself.

    Iraq, Saddam Hussein, weapons of mass destruction, George W. Bush, Hans Blix, Kanan Makiya, US Military, UN.

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