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  • Children of the Jaguar (Part 4/5)

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    The Amazon ecosystem, and especially the rain forest, is considered one of the world’s most complex animal and vegetable habitats. Its most important characteristics are the sheer number of different animal and plant species, and the extraordinary variations in macro and micro-habitats. In this park alone, over 100 species of tree per hectare have been identified. To give us some idea of the scale of this number, in the richest, densest jungles of Central America, the equivalent figure is no more than 40.

    Until about a year ago, Ñame and his family lived in Quehueiriono, on of the most important settlements along the Shiripuno, a tributary of the Napo. But natural resources were running out, and were not enough to feed the 160 members of the community. So, Ñame decided to move out, and settle in a different place, two days walk from Quehueiriono.

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