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Cheirando um chulé (Hot Feet Sniffing)
PT: Henrique, cheirador de chulé, pede para sua amiga gravar um vídeo para ele. EN: Henrique, stinky feet sniffer, ask his friend to record a video. Subtitles of the video: -Henrique, I just arrived! I'm not wearing shoes, but im wearing this sandals! -Take a look at the dirty marks! It is very sweaty! -Im with a powerfull stink!! -Take a look between my toes... It's really smelly! -My gosh! It's very stinky! -Henrique i want you to sniff my feet... Come on! My smelly toes... It's so sweaty! -I was walking! It's really sweaty! Really smelly! This sandal is badass! Look at the foot dirt! Look at the sandals dirt! It's really smelly! -Come on Henrique! Do you wanna sniff my stink? (She checks if the cam is recording) -Do you wanna smell it, Henrique? Come and sniff my stink! -My feet are completely smelly! Just waiting you to sniff it! -Do you know that you are the only one who can sniff my foot? No one more! So come on and sniff it! -I'm gonna rub it in your nose and make you feel the power of pleasure! I know you love my foot stink! Don't you, Henrique? -Come and smell it! Come on, Henrique! -Take my foot! -Do you want my stinky feet? (She sucks her own big toe) -Hmmm! What a delicious stink! Take it Henrique! Do you wanna take my smell, Henrique? -It's really stinky! -I'm gonna take a shower soon! 'Cause I dont' like stink! -Gosh! Nasty! Do you want it, Henrique? Wanna sniff my stink? Gosh... -If you want it, I allow you to sniff it, Henrique! Only you, Henrique! Only you can sniff my foot! -Take my stink, Henrique! -Uhh! It's stinky! -Do you want my foot stink, Henrique? This nasty stink with sweaty toes! -Do you want my foot stink, Henrique? Take it... Take my stink, Henrique! -It's ugly, nasty and completely stinky! -Only for you! I know you like it! I wanna see you sniff it! I wanna see you rub your fingers between my toes and sniff it! -It's very smelly... I just arrived... (She says goodbye)
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