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  • CGI 3D Animated Short HD: “Cidade Colorida” by – Nebula Studios

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    Here is a beautifully made short called “CIdade Colorida” from our cohorts over at Nebula Studios.

    CIN is one of the leading paint brands in Portugal and its REMAKE project is now on its fifth iteration. After Tiago Bettencourt’s music and Jose Maria Peixoto’s texts the inspiration, this year’s motto is film and Nebula’s turn it was to create a 3D digital animation to celebrate the 7th Art – Cinema.

    The charge was the development of the concepts of characters and scenarios, 3D modeling, 3D animation, rendering and original music. In just 3 months created a film with a 5 minute animation, which served as inspiration to several Portuguese universities for creating paintings that will be exhibited in murals of Lisbon. The video was presented at the Theatre trendy Bairro Alto and will be in the air for 6 months, in the channels of brand communication.

    Nebula was in charge of all the Creating short film from concept to animation – sets, characters, direction, animation and score. It only took 3 months to create a 5 minute short film script inspired Several Whose Art English universities to create murals That will be Exhibited in Several walls in Lisbon. The short film was presented at the trendy Bairro Alto Theatre and will be available for viewing at RCN’s digital platforms.

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