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  • Celine Dion – Falling Into You

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    And in your eyes I see ribbons of color
    I see us inside of each other
    I feel my unconscious merge with yours
    And I hear a voice say “What’s his
    Is hers”

    I”m falling into you
    This dream could come true
    And it feels so good falling into you

    I was afraid to let you in here
    Now I have learned love can’t be
    Made in fear
    The walls begin to tumble down
    And I can’t even see the ground

    I’m falling into you…

    Falling like a leaf falling like a star
    Finding a belief falling where you are

    Catch me don’t let me drop!
    Love me don’t ever stop!

    So close your eyes and let me kiss you
    And while you sleep I will miss you

    I’m falling into you…

    Falling into you…

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