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  • Cats Getting Stuck in Things Compilation

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    What’s funnier than cat playing in a box? Well, cats getting stuck in it, or any other thing…

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    1. Cat gets head stuck in box –
    2. Kitty Cat Gets Head Stuck in Kleenex Box –
    3. Fat Cat Stuck Under Sink_ –
    4. Cat Gets Head Stuck In Kleenex Box –
    5. Cat Traveling In A Jar_ –
    6. fat cat stuck in tissue box –
    7. Kitty gets stuck –
    8. Cat gets head stuck in kleenex box-1 –
    9. Cat_s head stuck in Kleenex box –
    10. Fat cat needs to hit the gym_ –
    11. Charlie the cat gets his head stuck in a kleenex box, Part 2 –
    12. Too fat kitty gets stuck –
    13. Kitty gets box stuck on head –
    14. Fat Cat Stuck in Sock –
    15. Fat Cat –


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