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  • Cats Encounter With A Raccoon

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    Over the memorial holiday weekend (2011) this curious and carefree raccoon, we affectionately have named “Peanut”, sauntered by and decided to visit our indoor cats for a brief while while taking shelter from the rainfall.

    NOTE to commenters: Peanut lives in a region where there hasn’t been a case of raccoon rabies for over 25 years which is tracked and verified by the State’s Public Health Dept.

    We are fortunate to be able to observe a variety of wildlife since we reside next to a protected preserve where raccoons are one of the many animals consider it home. We hope you will also enjoy watching this video of the close encounter of our charming furry friend.

    Please note this isn NOT a pet thus please follow your local wildlife guidelines for the safety of humans and animal wildlife alike.

    Additional note: I’m very well aware of the dangers of interacting with wild animals since I professionally work with a variety of dangerous wild species. No children nor pets are ever harmed, especially the wild animals captured in these videos.

    © 2011 Rio Fun Entertainment
    All Rights Reserved

    Camera: iPhone 4

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