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  • Catching Fish from Inside a Minnow Trap POV 2

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    Click here to watch Cocahoe minnows POV in Louisiana!

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    Click the link to see these minnows hatching in the lab!

    This is a point of view (POV) video of a minnow trap catching killifish in a salt marsh creek. The fish caught are sheepshead minnows and mummichogs which are very hardy and are used as a baitfish all the time. The bait inside the trap is a piece of hot-dog roll. You can see once one fish goes in, the rest start to follow… The more fish that move into the trap, the more that are willing to follow behind them!

    Comment below and let me know what other videos you would like me to make! I did a minnow trap in a saltmarsh pond and a saltmarsh creek.

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