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  • Cat Meets New Puppy For The First Time

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    Bringing home puppy for the first time. Castiel meets the new pomeranian puppy Hero!

    [EDIT] 08/27/2013

    Hi everyone! Thanks for all your support! Yes our cat is named after Castiel from Supernatural, and Hero and Cas love each other very much now. We introduced our animals this way because we trusted our cat very much, and the most he ever did to hurt the new puppy was bat at his tail whenever it poked out the doggy pen. Nowadays, they often groom each other and have tackle fights.

    Hero is probably one of the most well behaved pomeranians I have ever met and people often tell us this too. He’s over a year old right now! He’s actually snoozing in my lap right now. He does tricks and he loves people, and he rarely ever barks ;) He’s not like a lot of snooty poms you may know. Hero is my best friend and the love of my life. Thanks for all the views everyone!

    And our tips for raising a proper small dog or pom? Never let them get away with anything! Just because they’re small, doesn’t mean everything they do is cute! If you wouldn’t let a big dog do it, don’t let your pomeranian do it!

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