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  • Castration Increases Life Expectancy – Would You Do It?

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    “It’s a life-extending strategy most men probably won’t want to pursue, but new research suggests eunuchs live longer than non-castrated guys. Historical Korean eunuchs — men who had their testicles removed in order to secure high positions in the palace hierarchy — outlived their non-castrated counterparts by as much as 20 years, the study finds. The results will be published tomorrow…in the journal Current Biology. In animals, castration tends to lengthen life span, likely because male sex hormones aren’t great for the health. Testosterone is an immune-system suppressor, for example, and can also increase the risk for cardiovascular disease…”.* Would you get castrated for the chance of a longer life? Ana Kasparian, Cenk Uygur, Jesus Godoy, Dave Koller, and Steve Oh break it down on The Young Turks.

    *Read more here from Stephanie Pappas / LiveScience / The Huffington Post:

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