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  • Cas Haley – Show You Love

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    Title: Show You Love
    Artist: Cas Haley

    Don’t ask me anything
    I will not know
    Don’t ask me why I sing
    I will not know

    All alone, on my own
    Without her by my side
    What to do, what can I say?

    I’m in love with a girl
    Who don”t understand my world
    And I want her to come back

    What can I do to make it all better?
    What can I say to show you
    Show you love is real
    All of the time
    That we spend in each other’s mind

    What can I do to show you love?
    Show you love
    Show you love
    It’s all I wanna do

    You know I wake up crying every night
    Without you by my side
    Oh, what can I do to keep this love alive?
    You know that I want you, girl
    You know that I need you, too
    Oh, I would do what I gotta do
    To show you love
    Show you love
    Show you love
    It’s all I wanna do
    Is show you love

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