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  • Can A Stranger Look Exactly Like Me?

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    There are 7 billion people on the planet, making it fairly likely that someone, somewhere looks exactly like you! Is there a science behind Doppelgangers? Laci is here to discuss what happens in the brain when we see someone that looks identical to you.

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    Doppelgngers Began as a Part of German Folklore
    “Doppelgänger in German literally means “double-goer” and was used to describe an apparition-like duplicate of a living person, not to be confused with the ghost of a deceased person.”

    “Long before they were called Doppelgänger, the Vikings (1200-1800) recognized these entities as vardøger, ghostly beings that preceded their living counterparts, taking their places at various activities.”

    Induction of an illusory shadow person
    “The strange sensation that somebody is nearby when no one is actually present has been described by psychiatric and neurological patients, as well as by healthy subjects, but it is not understood how the illusion is triggered by the brain.”

    God on the Brain – programme summary
    “Rudi Affolter and Gwen Tighe have both experienced strong religious visions. He is an atheist; she a Christian. He thought he had died; she thought she had given birth to Jesus. Both have temporal lobe epilepsy.”

    I’m Not A Look-Alike!
    “I’m not a look-alike! is a project to make 200 photos of couples of look-alikes (doubles, doppelgangers) around the world and to create an international exhibit and a book with them.”

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