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  • butchering a Coturnix Quail

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    This might be kind of weird to some people, but it’s also kind of reality. We all eat food & someone has to raise & harvest it. This is my first time butchering quail, but they proved much easier than chickens & nothing compared to a waterfowl. I’m really starting to like these little birds. I love their eggs, and the lady I work for has an overabundance of males she keeps moving out. I figure if I buy them for $1 live, then that makes it a $4 profit. This took me less than 5 minutes to clean, so $1/minute. Gosh, I’m going to reach executive status if we keep doing math like that. Sorry, anyway. Hope this is educational, & if you don’t like reality, then don’t watch this video. I respect veganism, I used to be vegan & you know what? That’s why I raise my own, so that I know the animals that I eat were happy & didn’t have to suffer.

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