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  • Buried Alive – Avalanche accident caught on helmet camera

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    This is the footage of me getting buried in an avalanche in Verbier, Switzerland on the 28th of february in 2011. My friends spotted and excavated me within five minutes even though I was buried at a depth of between 1.5-2 metres. Luckily I was wearing the right equipment and managed to create an air pocket in front of my mouth by holding my hands in front of my face when the avalanche stopped moving. And YES, we have proper shovels, the guy digging with a ski is just a random guy who happened to ski past after I got buried.

    Uploaded this for everyone to watch and learn. Stay safe friends!

    If you want to know more, you can watch this programme:

    IMPORTANT: If you want to show this footage, or know more about the accident, contact me at

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